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Suelo de madera

Enjoy your spaces.

With Orkin Puerto Rico rodents, termites and other pests are not a problem.

Each home is unique

That's why Orkin is dedicated to providing a customized, science-based solution that meets your needs. Orkin will offer its unique AIM (Evaluate. Implement. Monitor.) Approach to provide a comprehensive solution built especially for your needs.


Your Orkin Man® will inspect and assess all potential risk areas and examine the reasons why parasites can infest your home. Whether it's geography, climate, topography, soil type or flow, your Orkin pest control specialist is involved in protecting your home from pests.


Based on the results, the Orkin Pest Control Specialist will use a variety of treatment tools and techniques to help prevent pests and the threats they pose to you and your family. Depending on your situation, we use our knowledge and experience to put these tools to work exactly where pests can most easily infiltrate your home.


Pest control is not a one-time event: it requires a daily examination of your home. We will monitor your home year-round for any signs of pest activity, record progress, and communicate with you to help ensure the continued effectiveness of the service.

What is expected of your Orkin Man®

The Orkin man uses AIM's integrated process to assess, implement and monitor your property's pest problem. On the first visit, Orkin will conduct a thorough inspection of your property using top of the line equipment. This generally takes around 45 minutes, but can vary depending on the size of the property. After this, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive report that describes the problem areas and makes recommendations for a program specially tailored to your pest management needs.


Once you give us the opportunity, your Orkin man will begin the execution stage, or in other words it will be “down to business”. Here, the recommended post-inspection schedule begins, and your Orkin man gets rid of all identified problems using also tools to monitor pest activity to ensure effectiveness. At the end of each service, a service voucher will be filled out. The service voucher describes what was done and when it will have to come back to keep you 100% protected from pests.

Your Orkin man will visit regularly throughout the year to look for new pests while also ensuring the continued success of the latest treatments. By doing so, he will also document your progress so he will know exactly where your home or business is. Remember, we are not satisfied until you are.

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